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Abenomics boosts consumer confidence
Greater trust in government policies  supports consumer buying
Japan's Zen-Like Consumer
Steady-state economy & Japan's reluctant consumers
Japan's Seasonal Factors
Seasonal income flow & impact on consumer spending
Arbitrage & Consumers
Law of "One Price" in consumer  product markets
Mobile phone usage habits -- Japan, China, U.S.
JMR study finds culturally influenced patterns
Richard May -- interview on iTV
Video clip -- marketing research
trends in Japan now
SaaS changes how you acquire software

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About JMR

Company name in English: Japan Consumer Marketing Research Institute                                     Map   
Japanese name (romanized): JMR sogo seikatsu sogo kenkyusho                           
Established: March 1991                                                                                          
Location: Sanbancho KS Bldg. 2, Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075
Capitalization: Yen 15 million (Group capitalization: Yen 85 million)
Regular Employees: 50; plus 80 contract (Regular Group employees: 100)
JMR Group companies:  JMR Consumer Marketing Research Institute (this web site)  /  Japan Marketing Research Institute  /  Channel Management Corp.   /  Marketing Communications Corp. / JMR Science Corp.
Industry Association Memberships:
International:  ESOMAR  /  American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) / American Marketing Association
Japan:  Japan Marketing Research Association  /  Japan Marketing Research Group   
TEL: 03-3262-3680 (within Japan); 81-3-3262-3680 (from overseas)
FAX: 03-3262-3681 (within Japan); 81-3-3262-3681 (from overseas)
e-mail:  Please use our "Contact us" page here.
Overview of Activities:
A leader within Japan in the fields of marketing research, marketing planning, and management strategy. More recently, we have extended our activities into the rest of Asia and to working with U.S. and European firms to assist them in planning their overseas marketing strategies. Leveraging our years of experience and a first-class research staff, we strive to work together with clients on projects of vital importance in today's consumer economy.

Project field examples -

1.   Corporate strategy and management
2.   Corporate reform
3.   Business strategy
4.   Marketing strategy
5.   Product and brand policy
6.   Distribution channel policy
7.   Marketing policy
8.   Systems development
9.   Purchase activity and lifestyle research
10. Internet marketing
11. Field research to support marketing decisions
12. Product usability testing with consumers
13. Eye-tracking studies of consumer packages, brand logos
14. Consumer loyalty reward with CRM programs
15. Mystery shopping
16. Ethnographic fieldwork

Site of the JMR office building as shown in an Edo Period map, circa 1650.  Click on the map to enlarge.
The white and purple area in the center and surrounded by a moat is now the Imperial Palace.